:: CuteFTP 32

Uploading a website

1. In CuteFTP's FTP site manager, click the "add site" button.

2. Enter a name for your site in the "Site Label" field. Insert the directory where your local copy of the website will be stored in the "Initial local directory" field.

3. Enter your domain name in the "Host Address" field (e.g. www.mysite.com) , and "public_html" in the "Initial remote directory" field. The UserID and password will be the username and password of your dial-up account. Transfer Type should be "Auto Detect."

Note: If you do not have a domain name, and are merely uploading to your personal web space, enter "shell.flite.net" and "public_html" in the "Host Directory" field. Your username and password are those with which you log on to your dialup account with.

4. Then all you do is select the files from your local computer on the left (your local machine), and where the files are going to go on the right (the web server) and press the "Upload" button on the toolbar. Remember to mirror your local directories on the web server by right-clicking and choosing "Make new directory..."

5. Remember to always name your starting page "index.html" in order for the web server to know which HTML document to load first when people hit your site.


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