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To setup WebTV:

To set up an account with US-IT, you will need to get the following information to access the WebTV Network:
• Your US-IT user name (this is case-sensitive)
• Your US-IT password (this is case-sensitive)
• A local dial-up access phone number

1.Once your account is setup, you need to register for "Use an ISP" on screen via WebTV. You'll just select "Account" from the Web Home page and choose Use an ISP which will take you through step-by-step instructions.

2.From your Home page, select Using WebTV.

3.Select Dialing options

4.Select Use Your ISP. If you do not see this option, please give us a call so we can add this feature to your account.

5.Read the instructions and choose Continue. (There are three pages of instructions. You must select Continue to go to each next page)

6.Enter your ISP account info: Check the box to activate Use Your ISP. Enter us-it.net for your service provider (ISP) name. Enter your login name, as supplied when you signed up with our service. Enter your password. Select Continue

7.Enter your ISP dialing info: Enter your modem dial-in number supplied when you signed up with our service. Enter your backup dial-in number, if necessary. Select Done

8.You will be greeted with the message "Your Internet terminal needs to reconnect for your changes to take effect." Select Continue. Your WebTV will then hang up and reconnect.

9.Your Internet terminal will now connect to the WebTV Network. A confirmation screen will summarize your choice and provide you with the option to "Use Your ISP" or use WebTV. Selecting "Use Your ISP" will cause the WebTV terminal to redial using US-IT.

10.You're connected!

Frequently Asked Questions for WebTV

Q. What is "Use Your ISP?"
An ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a company that provides customers with access to the Internet through a home computer, a WebTV or an office network. Internet Service Providers charge a monthly fee for this access and give customers a user name and password along with their access phone numbers. Use Your ISP allows WebTV subscribers to choose their own Internet Service Provider. For users who either have no local access numbers, or who already have an Internet connection for their computer, Use Your ISP may help you save money.

Q. Will using my own ISP change my WebTV Network service?
Using US-IT as your ISP will not affect your WebTV Network service. The only change is that you will no longer use the access numbers assigned to your box during registration. Instead, you will use US-IT's numbers to connect. Your Favorites, user names and Mail will remain the same.

Q. Why should I use my own ISP?
If you pay long distance charges to connect to WebTV Networks or already have an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) you may save money by using your own ISP to reach WebTV. You will continue to receive the same WebTV service if you choose your own ISP. You will connect to the same Home page, continue to access your current user names, Favorites and e-mail.

Q. How much does Use your ISP cost?
If you Use Your ISP you will receive two bills: one from US-IT and the other from WebTV Networks. You will be responsible for both bills in order to maintain your connection to the WebTV Network. For questions about your WebTV prices, contact the WebTV directly. US-IT charges are separate from WebTV Networks charges.

Q. Who do I contact for connection issues if I use my own ISP?
If you are able to connect to the WebTV Networks Home page, call WebTV Customer Service with connection questions. If you are unable to reach the Home page, contact US-IT directly for help in establishing a connection.

Q. I received the error message, "WebTV cannot connect to your ISP." What should I do before calling US-IT?
Make sure that when you enter your US-IT password on the "Use Your ISP" setup form, you enter it exactly as the one you gave to US-IT. These passwords are case sensitive, so it matters if you do or do not capitalize the individual letters in the password. Also, make sure that you enter your access number(s) correctly on the "Use Your ISP" setup form. If the number that US-IT gave you for access requires an area code when dialed, be sure to include that area code. If the access number doesn't require an area code, leave it out.

Q. Can I use my US-IT e-mail address instead of my WebTV
e-mail address?
If WebTV is the only way you access the Internet, (i.e. you don't have a home computer) you will not be able to use your US-IT e-mail account. Just continue using your existing WebTV account instead.

Q. Can I use free Web site space offered by US-IT?
While you can take advantage of this free space, you will not be able to use it to create a Web site. You can use your free US-IT Web space, however, to create a site with a computer which can be viewed on your WebTV.



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